The Moldy Peaches

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One of the most successful acts to come out of the Antifolk scene. From their early days at Lach's Antihoot at Sidewalk Cafe this group helped define an era of the scene that was exemplified by an innocence mingled with genius. The Peaches joined The Strokes and later Jeffrey Lewis on Rough Trade to show the world that NYC was indeed alive and kicking as we entered a new century. The group launched the careers of Adam Green and Kimya Dawson as well as featured the incredible talents of Jack Dishel, Strictly Beats, Steven Mertens and Toby Goodshank with guest appearances by Steve Espinola, Chris Barron and Drew Blood.

Why They Are So Antifolk?

"In Anti-folk the emphasis is on original material. Anything goes. The currency is the music, and you can't become prominent on that scene without having the tunes to back it up. Y'know. That's the interesting thing about it.We had a lot of friends who we thought should be big stars. That was why we made that compilation Anti-Folk Volume 1 for Rough Trade. People just didn't want to hear it. People just could not be bothered with it. I could not believe it. They were ready. Diane Cluck, Ish Marquez, Turner Cody, Tommy Eisner. These were some of the best people I know who play music and they're not exposed by the media at all. Most people don't even know them!
"People ask me who my favourite band is. Who are my favourite band? I'm not even in a band. I'm interested in individuals, people with personalities. It's a shame. Just cause they didn't have the right haircut of something. People were not ready to receive but they are, they still are, the hip people. The Anti-Folk people."- Adam Green

"Anti-folk is just a community in New York who were hanging out and playing music. Some of those people were folk and some not, but its really just a name for the scene, not as much for the type of music. I think it would be more than traditional folk. I use the word “cock” a lot and I make quite a bit of pop culture references."-Kimya Dawson