Dream Bitches

DREAM BITCHES: Yoko Kikuchi and Ann Zakaluk sing rock and roll with harmonies. Topics include friendship, lost love, bitches, road trips, airplane rides, halloween, and other people's mothers.

Yoko Kikuchi (vocals, guitar) was born and raised in Manhattan. She escaped art college with her sanity and degree intact one year ago. Her interests include song-writing, website-making, getting organized, talking, food, friends, theories, cities, bubblegum, books, fish, moving, unemployment, and summertime.

Ann Zakaluk (vocals, tambourine, guitar, autoharp) was born in San Francisco and raised in the South Bronx. After a short, four-year stint as an illustration major at the Rochester Institute of Technology, she returned to New York City and is currently peaching it up big city-style. She likes sci-fi novels and stargazing, and possesses the mysterious ability to telepathically communicate with kitty cats.

Yoko and Ann have been collaborating in one way or another for approximately ten years, and currently live in a four-story "luxury squat" in the South Bronx. They abducted Josh Malamy as their bassist back in the fall of 1996 when he was just a little boy. They have also been seen associating with the likes of the mysterious Casey Holford and the charming, seductive Blonde Bombshell Miss Nan Turner.. who knows where their journeys will lead them next?

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A quote: "[Dream Bitches are] relentless..The words are fast and smart. The harmonies are ancient. You will wonder where you heard the melodies before (you haven't). You wax nostalgically about an age of riot grrrl pop anthems that never really existed, and your idealization of the early 90s assumes flesh in Yoko Kikuchi and Ann Zakaluk." -Dan Fishback, Cheese On Bread