Testosterone Kills

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The Story So Far. . .

    Take the topical sensibilities of folk music, the attitude and fire of Antifolk, add in sequencers, samplers and analog synthesizers and you’ve got what TK call ‘Electro-folk’.

    1998 Pablo and Tim form Testosterone Kills and find their way to the Lower East Side’s Antifolk community where for the past several years they have been featured in the annual Antifolk festivals.

    2001 TK release their self-titled CD quickly sellng out the initial pressing.

    2002 TK’s song Arizona is featured alongside Ani Difranco, Phranc and Pansy Division on the compilation CD Queerstock Queersoup.

    2003 TK sign with Fortified Records, the premier Antifolk label and release War All The Time in Spring 2003.

    Testosterone Kills break up but leave behind one of the all-time classic albums out of the Antifolk scene

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