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Neil met Dashan in high school. They started Huggabroomstik in 2001 because, Neil says, “we didn’t like what we were hearing” in what was supposed to be the New York rock’n’roll renaissance of the early 21st century. They’ve been playing their music, their way, ever since. “We weaseled our way into the Antifolk scene against other people’s wishes. Maybe that’s why it took us 6 years to get on”(ed.note: actually, they never submitted material for their artist page until now)
The band has released 3 full length albums (plus one EP, “The Sounds of Thyme,” whose title track is the last word on power ballads) and tirelessly worked to become, as they are, the greatest band in the Antifolk world. Whether you prefer Neil’s super-deep lyrics and bare legs, Dashan’s scientific noise release and underwear model face, the sharpened-pencil precision of Dibs’ guitar playing, Johnny’s drumming so ecstatic and acrobatic, or Liv’s perfect bass playing, you can’t deny that this band is more than yourself alone. --Sam James (The WoWz)

'Disarmingly smart and poignant.' -- Time Out New York
'The Huggabroomstik sound is like an audio clusterfuck.' -- Justin Remer, Urban Folk
'Now that's rock 'n' roll.' -- Punk Planet
'Enough to bring a smile to the sternest face.' -- Andrew Mall, Splendid Magazine

Why They're So Antifolk?