Hank and Pigeon

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Bio: Hank and Pigeon is a New York City/Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter folk duo consisting of members Morgan Heringer and Alex Penman, who met on the sidewalk outside of NYC's own Sidewalk Cafe, home of AntiFolk. These two simultaneously cynical and starry-eyed folksters battle and collaborate musically before coming to a mutual understanding through internalizing the melodious honking of cab drivers and street musicians, falling asleep on deserted subway cars at 2 AM, and craning their necks to spot the birds on the tops of very tall buildings.

Press Quotes:

"And coo coo ca-choo for brand-spanking new duo of crooners HANK AND PIGEON, gathering on statues of warriors on horses and windowsills without spikes, singing of subways and loving ways, cluckings to the pluckings of a ukulele and a plugged-in Gibson -- just strutting out of the nest." -Cal Folger Day, Wellesley College

"The duo features singer Morgan Heringer from the indie band Big Tree, so I know at least one half of the duo is gonna have a killer voice." -Ed Dufresne, timesargus.com

Why They're So Antifolk
"We both got the gig. We don't always get along."