Charles Latham


The heir to the KY Jelly fortune, Charles Latham blew his inheritance on a massive underground bunker, which he stocked with low-grade instruments, recording equipment, liquor and ready-meals. Since it was completed he has released an album a year, most of which have disappeared into obscurity. His 2002 release, however, found its way to the UK, where it was received with luke-warm affection. He recently wrapped up a legendary two-year tour of the British Isles, and has returned home to his native United States, baffling fans and critics alike.


Winner, Best of Sussex, 2005
"Top bracket Elephant 6 style lo-fi Antifolk..."- Melting Vinyl
"Hot shit."-Dan from Peanut
Latham in Indyweek! "polish, dirt and shimmer"

Charles Latham on "Why I am Antifolk": "The common denominator that unites all these different artists, including myself, under the umbrella of Antifolk is an unwavering commitment to self-expression, which is a rare and beautiful thing in the American Idol age." More Latham